Friday, July 27, 2012

On a Hot and Stormy Summer Night, Romance And Celebration Filled the Air...

Hi all!

We'd like to share with you all a few of our latest images from a beautiful wedding we covered this past weekend. One of our favorite things about what we do is the relationships we get to make along the way.
Last year, while shooting some of my Sports Art over at one of our local high schools, I happened to meet Tom and Rhonda, whose daughter was planning for her upcoming wedding. After meeting their beautiful daughter Andrea and her future husband-to-be, Will - the rest is history! We have since become their family photographers, and truly can't say enough about what wonderful people they are. And what a pleasure it has been to share in this very special time in their lives. We've photographed Andrea and Will's Engagement Session, as well as Andrea's Bridal Session, and this past weekend their beautiful Wedding Day. Which took place at the First Baptist Church of Roswell, with the reception being held next door at the historic, mid-1800's home, Primrose Cottage.
In spite of the ever-looming Georgia Summer thunderstorms and the sweltering heat that goes along with them, we had a blast! And as our many images will soon tell their story, it would seem many, many others there in attendance had a blast too. Here's a sneak preview of the gorgeous bride and her handsome guy...starting with a few of their Engagement Session images. Enjoy!!     - Sol

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Greetings, All!
Hope everyone is having a great 2012. We've been having an amazing year. It's such an amazing thing, to get to share in so many happy moments that we have with our many wonderful clients. And yes, it's time to share a bit, and catch up on some blogging for you all. We've got a whole bunch of wonderful sessions and images, of all types, to share. From 'Baby's First Year', to our always rockin' H.S. Seniors, to Wedding Day romance, and all the celebration that goes with it. So stay tuned, . . . and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another 'Solarview Senior!' from Milton High School.

Meet Zach!
Zach's was s star linebacker for the Milton Eagles football team this year.
Besides his Senior Session that we are spot-lighting here today, we also did one of my original Sports Art pieces for his Varsity Football season. And yes, it turned out very, very cool!

For this session, we found another one of our ultra-cool shooting locations, and just let Zach do his thing. We got some really great stuff there with Zach. And then as we so often do, even managed to get his favorite buddy 'Teddy' in for a few shots. Let us know what you think!


And a North Cobb Senior . . .

Meet Jacinta!
Jacinta is a gorgeous 2011 North Cobb Senior that we shot earlier this season. Jacinta is a phenomenal student, Cheerleader and Dance Team member. And lucky for us, a natural beauty in front of the camera. We had a blast with this session. We went for a European-styled fashion look for most of the session. But got some of our coolest edgy-Cheerleading shots to date. Thanks Jacinta!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Springtime Fun in the Park . . .

Hi All,
Meet the Osmon Family!
We've been making really cool art for the Scott and Beth and their gorgeous growing family, for a number of years now. We got to see little Christian through almost every month of his non-stop first year. And the little guy just gets more cool with each passing year.
As you can probably tell from the first image in the set, we have a LOT of fun together.
(Note: On the B&W image he was going for 'Movie Star' cool there, just in case you couldn't tell.)
And now little sister Camille is doing all she can to steal the show. She's such a cutie-pie!!

And a special thanks to the guest star 'tulips', they were totally kicking it this year. :)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pretty Girls and Sunshine, . . . equals Happiness!

Hi All,
We have a few 'sneak-peek' images to show you from a recent session.

Meet the ladies of the Danielly Family. Michele, little Ella and baby Lily.
We had lots of fun with this 'girls at play' session.
Little Miss Ella is a little star in the making. She is such a little doll!
And although Miss Lily was playing the total 'Diva' on this particular day, we did manage to squeeze a few crazy-happy laughs out of her. As with most baby-divas, she can't admit she actually had a good time here, that would make it too easy on us. But, we did get the pictures to prove it. :)


Saturday, February 19, 2011

And our very first image post...

Well, it seems only natural that we start out with an image that is one of our more well known pieces. This is from our on-going 'Fairy Collection'. This piece is called 'A Winter's Dusting'.
The star of the piece is 'Kristine Necessary'. Kristine is a long time feature dancer for the Atlanta Ballet Company. She is actually retiring this year, but is an amazing dancer, and has had a long and wonderful career with the Atlanta Ballet. We've seen her performances many times. (All our best to you, Kristine.)
We shot this session last winter. And yes, that is actual snow on the banks of this creek. It was about 35 degrees out when we did this session. Kristine was such a trooper, didn't seem to mind at all. I dare say, I think she even had fun doing it. :)
As with all of our Fairy sessions, the subject and the location are real. The extra elements such as the wings, the pixies, the fairy dust, etc., were all hand-painted in post-production, in my studio.
Can you have your very own Fantasy Art session?
Yes, these are available as Commissioned Artwork. Call or email for details.
And stay tuned, we have plans for some other cool fantasy creations.

- Sol

Our very first blog post . . .

Hi All! 
Welcome to our very first official post here at our brand new Solarview Photography Blog. Many of our clients have been requesting for some time now, for us to get a blog going.
Well, at long last, . . . here we are.   Woohoo!

So, being new to this whole 'blog' thing, wasn't really quite sure where to start. So just kind of decided to go 'free-flow' with it.
Over at our main site, we tend to have a place for everything, and everything in it's place. Makes stuff real easy to find.
Here, we want to make more random. No real rules, just have fun with it.
Here we would like to share random images, thoughts, musings, and just generally comment about our art, our latest sessions, and any other artistic excursions we find ourselves getting into.

In that we have been shooting for a couple of decades now, and I've been painting much longer than that, kind of thinking that we will include images and art pieces of whatever, from whenever, at any time in the pages of this blog. We will share images from latest client sessions, some 'blasts from the past', and some of our timeless faves. As well as some fun or cool ideas that clients have enjoyed, and might be a great session idea for the rest of our friends and fans to enjoy as well.

We welcome reader comments. If you see something you like, let us know. We'd love to hear it.
A small reminder, our clients do come in all ages, so keep that in mind when you feel the need to post your most enthusiastic outbursts. Enjoy!

- Sol